When we were parents on the scholarship trail for our twin sons, we didn’t have the resources that are available today.

For instance, college websites weren’t as complete as they are now.  I don’t think Facebook existed.  We really had to dig.  We needed personal conversations with coaches and administrative staff to really get a picture of that school.  Today, you’ve got just about everything at your fingertips.

I encourage you to spend hours checking into the programs where you and your student-athlete have interest.  There’s nothing more economical than this, and you can learn a lot about a school and a program that way.

Here are three recommendations:


Don’t just go to the school’s website, but do some searches to see what others are saying.  Type things like this into the search box:

“What do players think about the LSU baseball program?”

I just typed that in myself and got a ton of great results to read.  Be creative.  You should type in coaches’ names and see what comes up.  “What’s the reputation of …”


Look at third party websites to evaluate a school’s academic programs, campus life, educational quality and other things you’re interested in.


Check out teams’ Facebook pages.  Follow them and their coaches on Twitter.  You can learn a lot about a team’s culture and values that way.  In fact, follow some of the team members if you can.


The web is an amazing tool, as you know, and a great place to get answers if you’re diligent about digging.  This is the biggest decision you and your son or daughter will make so far in their life, so it’s worth the time.  And, with social media a major priority for your son or daughter, it is research they’ll enjoy doing.  Spend time talking it over on a regular basis.

Take a few minutes now and get started.

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