TrackIt’s that time of year again.  In January, you can almost hear the engines starting as parents and student-athletes decide to go for it.  They have a fresh perspective and new energy as the year starts in pursuing an athletic scholarship.

However, fresh energy and the will to go for a scholarship for your son or daughter doesn’t cut it alone.  You’ve got to have knowledge and the tools to succeed.  Just like an athlete, attitude is critical, but without talent he or she will not go very far.

When it comes to leading your family to an athletic scholarship, I encourage you, as a parent, to do three things this month.

1.  Read as many of my past blog posts as possible.  And do it with your son or daughter.

2.  Talk together avoid what you’ve read in the posts.  Go to Starbucks and have a conversation.  Have several of them over the next few months.

3.  Agree together on three things you will do together this month to pursue an athletic scholarship.  And write these things down.  You see, once you’ve picked up knowledge, you need to put some things down on paper and act on them.

If you have questions along the way, and you should, be sure to ask them.  Post the questions on my blog in the comment section, and I’ll give you my best answer.  Others will get a chance to interact, as well.

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