NCAAWhat’s the #1 question you wish you could ask to college coaches about recruiting?

Now’s the time to ask it and get a candid answer.

I’m about ready to start a series of college coach audio interviews and I’ll include your question in one of more of my interviews.   Once I have the audios produced I’ll make them available in my upcoming new podcast, in my blog, and more completely inside Athletic Scholarship University.

There’s no reason to walk in the dark when it comes to getting clear information from the people your son or daughter needs to have an impact on.  I hear from a number of parents who have some good questions.  I can give my answers, but there’s nothing like hearing from coaches themselves.  I think it will save you a lot of time and money as you go through the recruiting process.

So go ahead and write your question in the comments section below and I’ll bring it to the coaches.  Then I’ll let you know when I’ll be posting their answers.

On another note, are you ready for the fall recruiting season?  We’re turning the corner quickly and you’ve got to be prepared.  Step up your communication to coaches and set some hard and fast goals for the next three months.  Make fall count.

I’d recommend you re-read the Parent’s Guide to Athletic Scholarships.  If you don’t have your free copy, go ahead and order it through the form on the left.  It’s an e-book you’ll get instantly.  Use this guide to give your fall season a jump start.

That’s all for this week.  Short and sweet, but I do want your question(s) below.



2 Responses to What Would You Ask a College Coach About Recruiting?

  • Chris Bade says:

    a few questions that are on our minds–>

    What sort of academic “tracking” (or study table; tutor services; etc.) does your school have in place for student-athletes?

    Do coaches (soccer) typically recruit for specific positions or do they recruit ‘great players’ regardless of what position(s) they currently play?

    why do coaches “hedge their offers” when players ask specifically if they are being recruited, or even considered by that school (probably the #1 school on that student-athlete’s list)?

    when players ask coaches what they should work on do coaches typically respond in a general way (skills that all players should improve) or do they typically have specific suggestions for individual players who inquire?

    if a prospective student athlete will receive free tuition at a school (parent is on faculty/staff), will a coach still want or be able to recruit that student athlete? what sort of aid, if any can that student athlete receive?

    • Jon Fugler says:

      Chris, great questions! I just completed two coach interviews and have more planned. I will include these questions in my next interview. I will let you know when the interviews are available. What year is your student-athlete in?

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