college athletesThe athletic scholarship world can be confusing.  Once you start down this road, you get bombarded with options and opportunities.  As you may have experienced, it’s hard to know what advice to follow and what options to pursue.  And what advice is just plain bad.

The window of opportunity is limited.  No matter what year your athlete is in, he or she only has so much time to get on coaches’ radar, get recruited, and then get scholarship offers.  You have to make the most of the time.

Here are three red flags on your scholarship journey.

1.  Consultants or services that make scholarship promises.  No one can ever guarantee that your son or daughter will get a scholarship.  Outright promises or strong suggestions to this end should set off alarms in your head.  Avoid these people.

2.  Online registries.  Just because your athlete’s profile is parked with an online registry, it doesn’t mean he or she will get activity and interest from college coaches.  You still need to work your plan to make your son or daughter known to college coaches.  Online registries are static.  You need action.

3.  Too small a list of prospective schools.  Coaches are recruiting athletes, and athletes need to recruit schools.  Just like coaches have a long list of prospects, so you need to have a long list of schools.  I recommend starting with 40-50 schools minimum.  Pursue each school in your family’s scholarship pursuit.

There is so much more that you need to know, but avoiding these red flags will keep you from going down costly wrong roads.  I recommend checking out past blog posts which will help you keep your recruiting campaign on the right track.

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