Today is my birthday, and I thought I’d go out on a limb and do my very first video blog post.  Be kind to me.

In this post, I’m going to let my video do the talking.  I’ve got something pretty significant to share with you as you go down the recruiting road.

Your son or daughter may already have an invitation to a showcase and to a few camps this coming summer.  If not, they will probably get some.  In this video, I’ll tell you what one D1 coach says about showcases and camps when it comes to recruiting.

I believe in staying ahead of the curve … way ahead of the curve.  The snow might be falling in much of the country, but it’s not too soon to develop your summer recruiting strategy.  Think ahead, write it down, and take action.  And remember that you have to spend your money wisely.  There are more opportunities than you need.

Since this is my first video blog post, please post your comments below.  I’d like to know if it was helpful or not.  And, what else would you like me to address in future blog posts?

3 Responses to What a D1 Coach Says About Showcases and Recruiting

  • Darius heyward says:

    Thanks for the post this really helps me in taking my next step to be recruited. If you are able to please keep informing me with more information.

  • Michelle Davis says:

    Hi Jon,
    Very good info, I went into debt last year hitting all the camps and showcases. I have learned a lot since. My son has won everything there is to win first team both sides of the ball, MVP, Captain, Finalist in scholar/Athlete, and was chosen for the state bowl game. He isn’t getting any looks really maybe a walk on. This is a hard road, If you don’t know somebody.

    • Jon Fugler says:

      Michelle, yes this is a tough road. It is so important that you learn what is a good fit athletically and academically. You need to match the athletic skill level with the programs out there. Keep putting his intro packet out to the right coaches.

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