Let’s talk about something.

There’s no doubt that TV coverage is big for college football programs. It’s a major factor in recruiting and athletic scholarships. If a team does well, everyone watches. If they bomb, people tune out.

Tens of thousands of high school football players are watching college football this afternoon, just as I am. And they’re hoping that their favorite teams will recruit them and offer an athletic scholarship.

Plus, they’ll see teams compete that they may not have heard of before. But the TV time gets their interest and they add the school to their list of hopefuls.

Let me encourage student-athletes to go beyond what they see on TV. Look into a program more deeply. Check out the program, the coaches, the academics. You can find out a lot online. In fact, if you do a search, you may even find comments from current or past athletes.

Sure, root for your favorite teams, but don’t lock yourself into those schools. Think bigger and wider. We encourage student-athletes to cast their nets wide, and keep their options open.

What are you looking for in a school? What are the factors as you narrow down your options? Post your comments here as we have that conversation.

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