When it comes to Tim Tebow and his supporters, it appears no circumstance goes wasted as an opportunity to encourage others – even in times of unemployment from the NFL for the Christian athlete.

That’s what the Christian Post reported earlier today.  The online publication commented on Tony Dungy’s advice for Tebow, and went on to say:

“I know Tim Tebow must be frustrated that he hasn’t found the right team yet and is still searching.  Here’s the advice I would give to Tim as he waits for his new team,” wrote Tony Dungy, retired NFL coach and national spokesman for All Pro Dad, in his blog.

Dungy’s words come as an introduction to his short video clip on the All Pro Dad website in which he says, “Tim Tebow, I know, is really disappointed that he hasn’t got it going and on a team, in a direction, knowing what locker room he is going to be in right now, but the advice I’d have for Tim is just to be patient, be faithful, the Lord has a good spot for you, He’s going to give you the right situation.”


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