RunnerYou’d like to gain ground in your scholarship efforts this Fall, and that’s a good thing.  I want you to get closer to your scholarship, too.

This is an important season in the recruiting calendar.  Here are three things you can do right away to maximize the Fall recruiting season:

1.  Cast a wide net.  How big is your prospective list of schools?  If it is less than 40, it’s too small.  Whether you’re getting started now or you’ve been at it for a while, you need to expand your list to 40 prospective schools so you can pursue a relationship with the coaches from those programs.

You might be saying,  “I’m being recruited by some schools.  Why do I need more?”  You just never know where things will land, and you need to have as many recruiting relationships as possible.  There are other schools you don’t yet have on your list that will be your top choices a few months from now.

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2.  Create a scorecard.  How are you evaluating which programs are the best fit for you or your son or daughter?  Or are you just approaching things randomly?  The latter is not a good idea.  Your scorecard will give you objectivity.  Simply score your prospective schools A through F in the following categories:  Academic Quality. Academic Match, Quality of Program, Coaching Staff, Coach’s Interest Level, Potential to Start in 1-2 Years, Overall Impression.

Once you receive offers, if you’re at that point, do the math.  What’s the net cost to your family? That’s the key number, not the scholarship dollars.

3.  Send an email.  If you’ve got a conversation going with some schools, use the beginning of this school year to send an email to any coaches you haven’t connected with in the past 30 days.  This keeps the relationship alive, and that’s important.  If you stop communicating, most coaches will assume you’ve lost interest.  They won’t chase you.

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