BaseballIf our family hadn’t taken action over 15 years ago, who knows where our twin sons would have ended up in college?  It would have been unlikely that they would have received athletic scholarships.

Our recruiting experience changed our family.  And it really changed the lives of our sons.   They received fully paid educations because we, as a family, took the initiative to get our sons recruited.  Sure, we couldn’t guarantee how coaches would respond, but at least our sons’ abilities were seen by coaches.

Why don’t so many talented athletes ever get recruited?  It’s really quite simple.

If you’re a parent of a talented athlete, I’m sure you want the best opportunity for your son or daughter.  Helping them take the initiative is one of the best things you can do for them.  Come alongside them and work on this as a team.  And a word for athletes…

You don’t have to be the top athlete on your team in order to be recruited.  If you are a talented athlete, you have a shot at a scholarship.  Begin by making a list of the schools you’re interested in.  Do some research online and see what each program has to offer.

Then contact the coaches and let them know you’re interested in their programs.  If you show interest, they are likely to respond back to you.

You can take control of your recruiting campaign and generate interest from college coaches.  And you need to, because other athletes are taking the initiative and they’re getting the attention you could be getting.

Your next step should be to make your list of schools and begin your research online.

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