Student-athleteIt’s Recruiting Breakthrough Week, an exciting and powerful week to launch your family into a game-changing summer. This is a prime recruiting season. Don’t let it pass you by.

Here’s your Recruiting Breakthrough Edge of the Day #4:

Take ownership of your recruiting process yourselves.

Because parents know so little about the ins and outs of recruiting, they are tempted to turn over control to an outside party. This can be detrimental to your son or daughter’s future.

While there are good services and consultants out there, by far the best way to handle recruiting is to do it yourselves. Parent(s) and athlete together. That’s why I’m committed to providing the information and tools families can use. You’ll find new resources every week on my blog, for example.

Here’s why this is so important. A coach wants to know that your son or daughter is sincerely interested in his or her program. They don’t want a third party pitching your athlete.

If you take on the process yourselves, you’ll get more attention and interest from college coaches. And long-term interest once they realize how much your are personally putting into this process.

Taking ownership right from the very first communication will set you apart from the majority of families who allow others to handle the process.

In order to take control of the process, you need to know the right things to do. I’m sure that puts some fear into you, but please spend the time necessary to grasp the basics. I encourage you to read some of my blog posts, listen to my podcasts and definitely view my webcast this week.

I’m glad to help whenever I can.

Look for the final “Recruiting Breakthrough Edge of the Day” tomorrow.

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