Cell phoneIn my last post, I went through a number of questions athletes should ask college coaches when the coaches call.  Or when you call a coach.  Recruiting is a two-way street.  While the coach is recruiting athletes, you are recruiting schools.  You should take the initiative to find out as much as you can about the program, coach and school.  That way you can make an informed decision.  Let’s continue from last week’s discussion.

College Life

What is a typical day for a student-athlete?
You will learn a typical schedule that will include courses, practices, meal times, study times, etc. This will give you insight as to how to manage your time and assist you with needed adjustments.

What does the institution’s services entail?
You will be informed of any study hall hours that may be required of you during your tenure. Also, this is a good time to ask about the availability of tutors.

What is the average class size?
You will learn what type of attention you will be receiving as a student. Some larger institutions have large classes that tend to be taught by teaching assistants.

How would you describe the residence halls/campus housing and will I be required to line in campus housing as a student-athlete?
Sometimes student-athlete housing is provided and included in the scholarship you are allotted. It is important to know this before enrolling with the institution. Also, coaches and other institutional faculty have a better idea of what the residence halls are like and where they are located on campus.

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What is the length of my scholarship and what type of scholarship is it?
Most institutional scholarships are for only one year. Also, there are some scholarships that cover just tuition (or housing, or books) and others that cover housing, books, tuition, or full-ride scholarships.

Is there financial aid available for summer school?
Some athletes prefer to simply take the necessary course hours to be eligible to play during the season. This could leave you with several credit hours that you may wish to pick up during the summer. However, you may need financial assistance in the summer, so ask whether or not your financial aid packages cover summer expenses.

Describe the different financial aid packages.
It is important to know what your athletic scholarship entails. Also, it is important to know if you can supplement your athletic scholarship with other financial aid packages the institutions offers.

If I get seriously injured and I am unable to participate, what will happen to my scholarship?
Institutions are not obligated to offer scholarships or financial aid past the term of the agreement. It is important to know what the institution’s commitment to injured athletes is.

May I be employed while receiving a scholarship?
Find out if you can be employed while in season, or out of season. Also, find out if you can be employed during vacations without violating your scholarship.

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