This summer, you may be considering recruiting camps for your son or daughter, so they can be evaluated and

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seen by college coaches. In talking with a parent a couple weeks ago, he was ready to sign his son up for several camps. He wasn’t sure which ones yet, but he was ready to start registering him.

I encouraged him not to.

With families I coach through the recruiting process, I advise them to be selective about camps. First of all, this is an expensive road to travel. Speaking of travel, it is just one of the expenses. You’ve got camp fees.  Then there’s food and lodging on top of that, if it’s a multi-day camp. This all adds up, and it can be a shot in the dark without a firm plan.

Here’s what I advised this Dad:

1.  Sign up for camps that are on your son’s list of schools he is considering. You want him to be seen by those coaches. Of course, you can’t sign up for every camp, so select the top school choices at this point.

2.  Another thing to look for is camps where several coaches will be attending. In many cases, coaches invite coaches from other schools to help run the camp. This is a good deal for student-athletes, because they get seen by multiple coaches in one camp. The best thing would be for one or more of the coaches to be from prospective schools on your list.

3.  There’s another point I’d like to make, which I failed to mention to this Dad. Determine whether this is a recruiting camp or not. Many camps are instructional and used as a fundraiser for the program. While instruction by college coaches is awesome, don’t be misled thinking it is a recruiting camp. Know what you’re getting before you walk in.

Those are a few guidelines on selecting camps. Now’s the time to sign up. You can find camp information on the program’s website, or you may have received info from coaches already.

One final point. Just because you received camp information, it doesn’t mean you are being recruited by that coach. He or she is sending camp info to hundreds of athletes.

If you have any questions about camps, fire away here in the comment section. I will respond.

4 Responses to Preparing for the Recruiting Camp Season

  • Melissa says:

    Should i still go to camps even if that scHool is done recruitiNg from my grade? BECAUSE I really want to go that school

    • Jon Fugler says:

      Melissa, I assume you are a senior. If camps this summer are not going to get you recruited, then you are right. You should not attend. Ideally, camps are best for students going into their junior or senior years.

  • tA'kORYA gREEN says:


    • Jon Fugler says:

      The best way is to ask the coach directly. It is such an important issue in the recruiting process that you want to make sure you’re attending recruiting camps.

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