LetterIn my previous post, we took a look at the keys to an effective introductory email or letter.  You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so put your best foot forward.

Now let’s get into content.  As you know, I believe the letter needs to be brief and to the point.   Here’s what should be in each paragraph of your one-page letter or introductory email.

Who, what, where and when: Introduce yourself and your intentions with a one-sentence opening paragraph.

Athletic abilities:  Briefly tell about three or four of your athletic accomplishments and impressive stats from your most recent season. If you have participated in or received honors in other sports, mention them, but do not include highlights.

Personal:  Why do you enjoy competing in your sport? This is one, inspiring sentence from your heart.

Currently:  What are you doing currently in your sport? For instance, you may be in season or playing on an off-season club team. You may be taking lessons of some kind. You may be planning to go to a summer camp in your sport. In addition, mention academics by giving your grade point average, SAT scores, or other academic achievements.

How?  How will you benefit the team you are writing to? What will you bring to the program with your abilities, skills, character and work ethic?

Premium MembershipThis simple, one-page letter or brief email will make a positive first impression on the coach. You’d be surprised how many people to do not send introductory letters, but only a resume. I believe that the short introductory  letter (by email or snail mail) gets their attention by telling the student-athlete’s story. It also shows that you have something on the ball.

Considering the fact that many student-athletes do not send an intro letter, and others send one as long as a mid-term report, yours will stand out.  And, for athletes that use a recruiting service to contact schools for them, most of the time the service does not send a letter at all—only an impersonal stack of resumes.

Remember, this must be a one-page letter or five-paragraph email. That’s not optional. If it is more than a page or five paragraphs, keep cutting. I think you’ll be pleased when you’re done, because you’ll have a hard-hitting letter with a lot of substance and no fluff.  If you’re sending the letter by email, copy and paste the letter into the body of the email.

I hope this helps.  If you have questions, comment below and I will respond below, as well.

Take time now to craft your first draft of your letter.

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