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Recruiting services and consultants can provide benefit for the student-athlete and parents.  I know the truth of that.  Our family benefited greatly from a recruiting coach who walked us all the way through the process.

However, it’s dangerous to give away control of your recruiting campaign.   If you do, you may be in for some unpleasant surprises.  Thankfully, our recruiting coach kept us right in the center of everything.

You can’t just step away and give the process over to someone else. You need to own it.  You need to be involved in the decisions about your son or daughter’s future.  And especially during their scholarship pursuit.  It’s too important to release, even to an expert.

I compare this to your investment or retirement portfolio.  Financial guru Dave Ramsey says, “Your advisor should have the heart of a teacher who will answer your questions and help you make your own investment decisions.”

This is the same for recruiting.  If you have a third party leading you through the process, they should be teaching you along the way, and letting you make the decisions.  With their counsel, of course.  But don’t surrender control.

I am convinced that the more you and your son or daughter can be on the leading edge of the scholarship pursuit, the better the results will be.  Why do I say that?

1.  Coaches want to know that your son or daughter is truly interested in their program.  If a third party is making all the contact, the coach will see that.  You have to get into the middle of the action and the communication.  Coaches want to hear directly from the student-athlete.

2.  Coaches get hundreds, even thousands of appeals from services.  When our sons signed with a service, their information was send to coaches in groups of 10-20 other athletes.  How can you stand out in a situation like that? It’s a mass mailing, and goes against what I believe as effective.  We didn’t know any better at the time.  And– we hardly heard from any coaches who received those packets of resumes.

3.  You’re not making a good first impression.  That first impression is so critical if you expect to get a response from coaches.  That’s why a personal letter or email makes all the difference in the world.  You’ll stand out right away and the coach will at least take a look at your material.  I know that many coaches throw away packages from services without even looking.

4.  You’ll save time and money.  You can spend thousands of dollars turning your recruiting process over to someone else, or own it as a family for a fraction of the cost.  Considering the three points I made before this, I think this fourth one is the exclamation point.

Take time reading my past blog posts, check back each week for a new content, and be sure you’re signed up for the free Parent’s Guide to Athletic Scholarships.  Then you’ll have some of the tools to run your campaign on your own.


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