NCAANational signing day is Wednesday.  It’s a day that gets an incredible amount of hype.  It elevates many but discourages more.

If your kid isn’t an elite athlete, national signing day can leave you cold, worried, anxious.  Of course, tomorrow is just football’s big day, but this kind of hype can send chills down the spines of parents whose athletes compete in other sports.


Because the air of uncertainty creeps into your mind and emotions.  What if my kid doesn’t land a scholarship?  What if all our effort isn’t rewarded?  What if we can’t afford college unless my son or daughter gets a scholarship?  What if…?

These what if’s can paralyze you.

I want to release you from that and free you up to pursue the dream of an athletic scholarship– and get it.

Here’s what you need to do to get your kid signed to an athletic scholarship.

One.  Contact coaches — a lot of coaches.  Don’t believe the myth that coaches will find your son or daughter.  Only the elite athletes get that treatment.  You need to actively pursue a relationship with college coaches.

Two.  Have the mind of a competitive athlete.  Be determined.  Be tenacious.  Be consistent.  Don’t quit.  What your kid does in competition translates to pursuing an athletic scholarship.  He or she is competing against other athletes.  It’s that simple.  So, parent, help your kid compete well, with the attitudes that will bring victory.

Three.  Have a plan.  Set your goal of an athletic scholarship, and develop a written plan that will achieve that goal.   Don’t just “wish.”  Take action.  And be sure those actions are taken around your plan and goal.

Four.  Get help.  There is strength when you don’t go through recruiting on your own.  Isolation leads to failure.  Find a coach or another family that can walk with you through this process.  It will make a difference.

Five.  Do this as a team.  This is not a parent’s responsibility alone.  It is not the athlete’s responsibility alone.  When the parent and athlete work together, you will have a better shot at victory.  If you try to do this by yourself, or refuse to work together, you will lose.   So get together by this weekend and develop a plan and your assignments — together.

Now it’s up to you.

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