KhadadiOnce you have a coach’s interest, how do you keep it?

One of the mistakes that families make in the recruiting process is thinking that if their student-athlete is on a coach’s radar, he or she will always be.  It’s just the opposite. Unless your kid is a superstar, coaches will lose interest unless you keep them interested.  You see, they think you’ve lost interest if you don’t maintain contact.

Here are five ways to keep a coach’s interest:

1.  Send updates after every season.  If you can keep fresh information in front of a coach, it keeps your file alive.

2.  Athlete:  Call the coach.  In most cases, you’ll have to leave a message, but that’s fine.  Call and check in to let the coach you’re still interested.  Don’t do this often, but quarterly is fine.  Of course, if the coach is calling you, then you don’t need to call.

3.  Update the academic records.  If your son or daughter has taken SAT’s ACT’s or has completed another year of school, even a semester, send along the updated information.  Sure, the coach will get information from the Eligibility Center, but the purpose of sending it yourself is to keep the relationship going.

4.  Send schedules.  Before every season, send a schedule.

5.  Contact coaches when the student-athlete will be competing in the coach’s area.  They may not show up, but it certainly makes a statement that you want your student-athlete to be seen.

These are five great ways to keep a coach’s interest and it shows that you still have an interest.  Yes, the recruiting process is hard work, and it never ends — until you sign that scholarship offer.

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