Baseball basketball volleyball footballAs you start the new year, are you looking for new ways to get recruited?  First, you need to come to terms with the fact that college coaches will not make the first contact.  You MUST take the initiative and contact THEM.  That leads me to the second point, the topic of this post:

Contact coaches the right way.  It means there are wrong ways that just don’t work. And taking one of those wrong approaches will probably kill a coach’s interest before you get started with them.  As we’ve worked with parents and athletes, we know there are some approaches that are just misguided. We’ve seen people trying to do these things and none of them are effective.  They are usually harmful to your chances, too. 

Let me run down a few of these for you.  The first one is sending out scores of identical “Dear Coach…” emails.  Coaches can smell out a spam campaign a mile away. If they get a non-personalized email, then they’re just going to generally hit delete.   Now let me make it clear– there is a role for email contact, but not this way.  

Highlight DVDs Another wrong way is to make the first contact by mass mailing DVD’s to coaches.  Most coaches don’t want to take the time to watch an athlete’s video until after they’ve done some screening of the athlete’s facts and stats.  It’s easy to get misled into using this DVD mass mailing approach, because there are a lot of local and national athlete video production services.  They’ll create a great looking video of you (or your son or daughter).  They’ll add that cool music, the title, the captions; these are good to have but don’t use them for introducing yourself or your son or daughter to a coach.  That comes later. 

Another wrong approach is just filling out a questionnaire on the school’s website.  These days, just about every program has that fill-it-out questionnaire.  You’re going to blend in with the crowd if you try this as the introductory approach.  You don’t want to blend in.  You want to stand out.  You’ll eventually be filling out a school’s questionnaire, but not as the first contact.  It’s really a bad approach. 

Completing online questionnaires

If your son or daughter wants to get on a coach’s radar, wants to be recruited by certain schools, how should your family do it?  The best method is something I personally learned early on with my twin boys and what I’ve been teaching families for years.  It’s this:  Create a well crafted introductory packet to send to the college coaches.  This information needs to introduce the athlete to the coach in a very personal way, one that gets their interest and makes them want to know more about the athlete. 

It should give the personal and athletic details that a coach wants to see at first glance so they can make a quick screening decision.  You should be selective on what you write, and should provide just the right information to get the coaches’ interest. It’s really important that you make a goD1 Conferencesod first impression.

For instance, there’s a kid from New York that we helped with his introductory package.  His dad was so excited about the results that he emailed us within a week.  He told us that within five days, two coaches from Division 1 schools had already contacted his high school coach to check up on him.  This family did a good introductory package, it was powerful.

So keep in mind the first two things you need to know in order to break the scholarship code: first, you can’t just sit back waiting to be discovered and, second, you have to contact the coaches the right way so they’ll begin a relationship with you.  

 This is just a small piece of the scholarship and recruiting puzzle.  Your Recruit-Me Premium Membership will provide you with all the tools and coaching you need to break the scholarship code and get an athletic scholarship.  If you’re ready to get started, then I encourage you to enroll in our Premium Membership so we can work with you all the way through the scholarship process.

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