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College Coaches Online

Contact Information For Every U.S. Coach
For Every Sport At Every College

Includes NCAA, NAIA and Junior Colleges

We recommend you start your Recruit-Me process rolling by contacting dozens of coaches – 40-50 or more.

You could build your list manually

You get directories of NCAA and NAIA schools with the Recruit-Me Membership. These allow you to visit any college’s main website, click to the athletic department, research their athletic programs, and find details about how to contact the head coach for your sport. You could assemble your complete coach contact list in this way, but it would be a manual process that takes a significant amount of effort.

But you should really use a power tool – included in the Recruit-Me Tools

There is an easier way to build your contact list that you may prefer. It’s an information service called College Coaches Online. They maintain an up-to-date directory of over 2,000 U.S. colleges and 25,000 head coaches in 40 sports, covering all NCAA, NAIA and Junior college athletic programs in the U.S. Their online database is the most accurate information source available, and even the NCAA licenses it for their own internal use rather than attempting to maintain their own. You get a 1-year subscription to College Coaches Online with your Recruit-Me Kit.

Using the College Coaches Online website it’s easy to create your complete personal coach contact list. You just use their web form to choose your Sport, Division, Location, Size of student body, Tuition costs, even Academic admissions requirements. Then click Find Colleges and in a few seconds they give you back all the matching schools and coach information, including the head coaches’ names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. All this happens in one click. It’s a tremendous time savings, and a real boost as you’re getting your recruiting campaign going.

College Coaches Online

1-Year Subscription Renewal
A 1-Year College Coaches Online Subscription is Free with your Gold or Platinum Membership.
A 1-Year Subscription is normally $59.95.

You can renew it through Recruit-Me for $54.95 – a $5 savings.