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Jon Fugler, CEO


You’ve read The Athletic Scholarship Playbook.

Now you want help.

That’s why I created Athletic Scholarship University. This is a 6-module on-demand course where I lead you step-by-step, all the way to an athletic scholarship.

If you feel you need help implementing The Playbook, Athletic Scholarship University is the next step for you.


Experience these benefits:

1. You’ll have access to my teaching by video with detailed steps of action and in-depth instruction. On demand, so it’s on your schedule.

2. You receive a textbook so you can have a blueprint for your scholarship. And a workbook

3. You’ll have homework assignments so you really get things done and make progress.

4. You’ll get all the Recruit-Me tools I’ve developed over the years.

5. You’ll have access to college coach interviews so you hear directly from them. This is a gold mine.

6. You’ll have access to interviews with parents who have succeeded at this.

7. You’ll get in-depth interviews with athletic scholarship coaches who work one-on-one with families.

8. You’ll have interaction with me. I’ll be available through a private email address to answer questions and give counsel along the way.

Only $177 for lifetime access. No monthly fees.


How Athletic Scholarship University works:

Athletic Scholarship University is set up in six modules that you access online. You’ll have a private login and you can move through the modules at your own speed.

With each module, you get these three things:

1. My video lecture. That’s the how-to that gets you from step to step. You’ve gotten a taste of me already.

2. Real life content. Featured interview or lecture with a college coach, parent, personal scholarship coach or another expert.

3. One or even two, of the most strategic tools and resources for that module.

I’m keeping it simple but going deep in every module. You’re going to be well-taught and well-trained. It’s your blueprint for success.



Your payment is secure. You can use your credit or debit card for payment.

If you have any questions, just contact me personally.

–Jon Fugler, CEO

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