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Jon Fugler, CEO Recruit-Me

Launch Secrets: My two video tutorials that clearly teach you how to launch your recruiting efforts the right way.

Step-by-Step Secrets: My Textbook and Workbook that correspond to my video tutorials, so you have resources in writing.

Recruiting Secrets I: My audio interview with a D1 college coach that will reveal exactly what coaches are looking for

Recruiting Secrets II: My video interview with recruiting coach and Recruit-Me co-founder Ron Johnston, centering on recruiting keys and most-asked questions.

Power Secrets: My audio interview with Andy Gold, recruiting expert and father of his own highly-recruited athlete. He focuses on your power and advantage to succeed at this on your own.

Bonus Action Plan: My easy-to-follow Action Plan that takes the mystery out of your recruiting process.



I’ve priced the Athletic Scholarship Accelerator Package(c) for only $7 because I want you to sample my teaching and materials for a very small investment.   I want you to learn things that you can apply right away.

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