2015The sun is setting on 2015.  The calendar will soon turn to 2016 and gasps will go out among student-athletes and parents. It’s January already! It’s 2016! How did that happen?

I want you to be successful and I’m going to lay out something that will make success a reality.

The reality of the ticking clock will hit a lot of families on January 1. I don’t want you to be caught getting behind in your scholarship pursuit. I don’t want you to miss opportunities.

I remember the turning point for our family was the week between Christmas and New Years. That’s when we met Jeff. We sat down across the table from him in a Southern California restaurant. You see, Jeff was our mentor. Without Jeff, we wouldn’t have made it. He led our family through the whole process, which resulted in a fully paid education at my boys’ school of choice.

Jeff shot straight with us. He didn’t paint a rosy picture. He told us what was ahead and what kind of work it would take. He led us, pushed us, encouraged us and gave us practical help. Jeff definitely stretched us.

The Secret Ingredient For Success For Your Family

You need someone who will stretch you. You need a mentor, of sorts, who will stay after you and give you the tools you need to navigate recruiting successfully. I’m thrilled when families take what I give them and apply it. They succeed.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But almost every family misses it. They go at this alone, almost keeping it a secret for other families. Instead, you need someone’s help to succeed.

Who can you ask to come alongside you. If you don’t know someone who could mentor you, then form a group of three of four families that will encourage each other and help each other do the recruiting thing right. Treat this like an athletic team, because so many of the principles are the same. There is strength in going through this together.

It’s Not Enough

But you’ll need more than encouragement. You’ll need the tools I talked about. Instruction.

There are many places you can go for that. The Internet has a wealth of information. Check out the NCAA website. Read my blog posts. Especially go through my free Mini-Course. Do that as a group and have some great discussions afterwards. Push each other in specific ways to apply the things you learn from me.

I don’t want you to let these next few weeks slip away without being further ahead than you are now. I want January 1 to come and you feel confident you’ve done what you need to do at this point. Not that you’ve accomplished everything, but you’ve made progress. You have momentum when you star the year.

Take Action

Yes, Christmas season is busy. But the week between Christmas and New Year suddenly slows down. Maximize your time. Dig in. Get a mentor or form an accountability group.

Take my free Mini Course. There’s nothing out there like it.

So, the secret ingredient for success is accountability. You’ve learned that you need to seek a mentor or a small group of families to walk with you through the process.

Make a commitment not to do the recruiting thing alone. Write to me and tell me how you’ll take action this month. When you put it in writing, you’re much more likely to follow through. And succeed.

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